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What is the true meaning of love? It all depends on who you ask. We each have different ways of giving and receiving love. But I think it’s essentially about being on the same level with another person. You should be so comfortable with your significant other that you’re never afraid you’ll sound stupid, or that they will judge you for something.

“I don’t think you can ever define love. It’s such a universal, yet complex thing to describe,” Lee Yen Wijaya tells us in this issue. She is happy to be a grandmother. “I shall love them until the end of time,” she says of her grandchildren. “Although, I would  always worry about them all the time. I try my best to be a good grandmother to them. I know I love them, and I know they love me too.”

Patricia Panigoro is delighted to be a mother of three. “As a mother, your kids are your priority. I don’t really see it as a sacrifice because I’m willing to do that for my family,” she says. “For my family, I have unconditional love. I will always love them no matter what. I think the way I express it would be different. Every day I try to be a good wife

experience has influenced the way I see love,” she says. “It’s not a feeling, but more of a decision. It is selfless and genuine like God who loves us unconditionally.”

So there you have it – three different ways of giving and receiving love. But all of these wonderful ladies – each at a different stage in her life – make it clear as they tell their stories that you can’t have real love without a sense of selflessness.

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On the first cover with @raitricia: Photographed by Robby Agus / Styled by Peter Zewet / Jumpsuit by MaxMara / Headpiece and Choker by Rinaldy A. Yunardi / Shot on location at Shanghai Blue

On the second cover with Lee Yen Wijaya: Photographed by Denny Tjan / Styled by Peter Zewet / Dress by Hian Tjen / Jewellery by Mondial Jeweler.


ON THE COVER: Prestige features Patricia Panigoro, Lee Yen Wijaya, and Karen Prasetio in its special February double cover issue. They share their stories and definitions of LOVE that will leave you feeling romantic.

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ENDLESS LUCK, ALL YEAR AROUND: Prestige celebrates the Year of the Pig by inviting interior designer Kezia Karin to create a superb Chinese new Year table setting in collaboration with Prodotti Indonesia and Casa Domaine.

OASIS IN THE CITY: Prestige dines in at Cork & Screw Country Club where Head Chef Fernando Sindu serves a well-curated menu that’s paired with the very best wines.

EXOTIC LADY DIOR: The undeniable symbol of couture elegance and refinement, Lady Dior comes in luxurious, exotic skins–from lizard, phyton to alligator–exclusively showcased in our latest fashion It-bag feature.

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