Adam Levine: ‘Worrying about my children is all-consuming’

Adam Levine had no idea how much he would worry after becoming a father.

The Maroon 5 frontman is father to daughters Dusty Rose, two, and Gio Grace, who turns one this month (Feb19), with wife Behati Prinsloo. While he has a busy career, and recently fronted the Super Bowl Halftime Show with his bandmates, Adam never stops thinking about his offspring.

“I love everything about it (parenting) but it’s a learning curve. It’s chaos,” he told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “It’s a shock just how much you worry when you have kids. It’s all-consuming – this whole new life you’re suddenly responsible for. You realise you couldn’t possibly matter less in the equation. But I think that’s really healthy. If you even want a shot at being a decent parent you have to put yourself so far down the list.”

When it comes to their parenting styles, Adam and model Behati have very different approaches. And as Dusty is already starting to “misbehave”, the 39-year-old singer is looking forward to unleashing his inner bad cop.

“I love that stuff,” he smiled. “I’m excited about dishing out discipline. I can’t wait. I’m going to be quite strict. I’ve got to be the bad-cop parent because Behati gets played the whole time.”

Despite their work lives and daughters keeping them busy, Adam and Behati always make sure they carve out some time for themselves, to ensure that their relationship is kept fresh and exciting.

“I think making time for that is a survival thing for a relationship,” he said. “Life is 99 per cent kids but you have to fit couple time in, and we do. You have to escape the madness sometimes and we’re pretty good at keeping a life for ourselves.”

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