The 6 rules of summer style, inspired by the Bernard Chandran Spring/Summer 2019 collection

We’re lucky enough to have summer all year round (except when it gets too hot!), which means never ending summer dresses, refreshing ice cold teas at any time of the day, and plenty of Vitamin D. Therefore, nothing thrills us more in the fashion calendar than the launch of spring/summer collections. With Bernard Chandran’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the designer merges the season’s style notions with the likes of designs, colours, and prints inspired by Asian cultures.

The collection is rich in smooth, slinky silk; colouring the summer wardrobe with black and white; light blue, orange, aqua glass, black and gold. Designs take inspiration from the 70s and 80s, bringing back funky cuts and slender silhouettes. Keep up with the trends with these key rules:

1. Sleeve it be

Remember those puffy sleeves and shoulder pads a la 80s music videos? They’re back in the form of updated big lantern sleeves, taking centre focus in the collection. The volume at the shoulders tone down and slim narrowly at the cuff. The look here is to give the sleeves a bit of bounce without insulting the lean, fit look.

2. Scarf silhouettes add sophistication

Like patchwork, scarf cuts of difference lengths draw the silhouettes of these pieces. Here you see Bernard Chandran’s modernisation of the 70s where he complements the cutting with vibrant and exciting prints.

3. Take the plunge with your neckline

Plunging neckline, strong shoulders reminiscent of Linda Evan’s character Krystle Carrington in the 80’s American sitcom Dynasty. Chandran pairs the tops with high waisted shorts or a skirt.

4. Prints to be proud of

How many Asian foods can you spot in the prints? Painting a picture of Chandran’s idea of a mixed cultural canvas, prints range from assorted fruits like mangosteen and durian to mackarels, black and white optical illusions against sceneries, kerawang flower designs and mechanical clock work.

5. Embellish the way

It’s all about that 70s glam with glass beading, accented sparkling jewels and refined crochet made from silken gold threads. Who didn’t and doesn’t still love some shine?

6. Just a trim

The designer emphasises great cuts and craftsmanship in the collection, with a spotlight on the bomber which he’s remixed with youthful edginess. Renderings showcase oriental sceneries, geometry and fun herring prints which pair with slim-fitted Capri length trousers, finished with plastic trimmings on the sides for a sporty look.

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