X7, The New BMW With An Exclusive Design

The New BMW is now available in two engine options and this large three-row ride will be out in March 2019. With an exclusive design, this is the new luxury car by the famous German brand that finally adds a long-awaited feature to its line-up.

This new BMW X7 is loaded with modern technology, from heated and cooled cupholders a gesture control to a head-up display. Besides this, this supercar is available with a panoramic sunroof that uses LED lights to provide a sparkly night.

Recognized as a high-end brand, BMW plugs the last gap in its extensive SUV line-up with the flagship X7, a full-sized unique car to the burgeoning ranks amid such rivals as the Mercedes-Benz GLS, Bentley Bentayga, and standard wheelbase Range Rover.

One of the most important points about this modern vehicle is about the brand and about providing a unique experience inside this luxury car: BMW aims to make the X7 a tech leader with the inclusion of its new personal assistant that responds to the prompt “Hey BMW” in a similar way to Mercedes’ new intelligent interface. The modern technology provides a great performance in this new supercar: the new BMW explains to owners how certain safety features work and can provides a current status of information.

Beside this, a wide-ranging safety suite enhances the new BMW X7 hi-tech feel with lane keep assist, lane change assist, evasion aid, cross traffic warning and parking assistant among the highlights.

Perfect for a luxury lifestyle, this is one the most expensive cars of the next year and BMW is hoping that exclusive people feel passionate about its new model.

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