Driving into the future with the new Audi A7 Sportback

The all-new Audi A7 Sportback is the automotive equivalent of a dapper gent with brains and brawn. This sharp looker packs cutting-edge technology and innovation into a taut four-door coupé body that’s edged up with punchy character lines and a sleek but powerful silhouette. A wide, low Singleframe grille highlights its imposing stance, while the contours over the wheel arches (a nod to its quattro genes), sharply sloping roof, HD Matrix LED headlights and digitalised LED light strip connecting the two tail lights emphasise its sporty appearance.

The good looks extend to its interior, where understated elegance and a futuristic lounge vibe rein supreme. A minimalist style is favoured, with the digital 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit and the new Multi Media Interface (MMI) touch response seamlessly integrated into the dashboard. A wrap-around console, wood inlays, and seat upholstery in leather and suede lend the space an ultra-luxe feel. 

Audi fans know that the brand’s not all form and no function. Designed with more than just looks in mind, the A7 is outfitted with HD Matrix LED headlights that allow for, among other things, adaptive driving beam lighting. Each high beam lamp, for instance, comprises 32 LEDs that can be switched on or off independently of one another, allowing for optimal adjustment of the amount of light for different driving situations and so as not to blind oncoming road users. This, while maintaining perfect illumination of the road and its peripherals.

Within the car, the dual screens on the centre console are manoeuvred easily with touch-and-swipe gestures, with feedback provided by an animation or change in colour; for those who want to keep both hands on the wheel, there’s the new voice control system. The upper display, measuring 10.1 inches, controls the infotainment while the lower one, measuring 8.6 inches, lets you manage the interior comfort and convenience. Up to seven individual profiles can be stored in the system, including customised details such as car temperature and preferred media; these personalised settings are ready once you unlock the car. 

Features are also in place to ensure a stress-free ride. A smart navigation system, which will be rolled out in the near future, incorporates real-time traffic data as well as information from previous drives and that pertaining to gas and parking. There’s also an Audi assist package boasting 39 types of driver assistance systems with features perfect for driving in the city, such as detecting crossing traffic near the car and risks when changing lanes. Allaying your fears on the road are safety systems that detect potential hazards and initiate preventive measures. 

Providing connectivity and entertainment on the go – must-haves for enjoyable long road trips – is the latest-generation Modular Infotainment Platform, which offers data transmission at LTE speed and has an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot. 

The vehicle of tomorrow is as evolved ideologically as technically, and the A7 sets the sustainability bar high with new mild-hybrid technology that reduces fuel consumption by 0.7L per 100km, and allows the car to coast emissions-free between 55km/h and 160km/h for up to 40s with the enginea off. 

With this luxurious ride, you can zoom off into the future in style and comfort.  

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