Susanna Han: “I’m appreciating this low-key stage of my life. I’m trying to find my inner harmony and enjoy my own space.”

Agrafe Résille bracelets and necklace in pink gold with diamonds, and Agrafe necklace and cuff bracelet in pink gold with diamonds, all Cartier. Tank top, cummerbund and pants, all Max Mara.

There is a saying, “People who fit don’t seek. The seekers are those that don’t fit.”

Susanna Han is the latter, which is not a bad thing. Constantly enriching herself and continually reinventing her persona, she is relentless in picking up new skills and knowledge. Obviously, she isn’t done shape-shifting.

Pursuing evolving challenges, she has signed up for piano lessons; apprenticed under renowned visual artist Tan Khim Ser (Han’s calligraphy was part of an October art exhibition in 2018 to raise funds for The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund); done vocal coaching; and taken psychology courses in lead management, which yielded her an advanced certification in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.

She also enrolled in the William Glasser Institute, which conducts training in a particular form of psychotherapy. “I hope to go into volunteerism, hence I took up these courses. I hope to use this as a platform to do programmes such as art therapy for kids,” Han explains.

Juste un Clou earrings and necklace in white gold with diamonds, both Cartier. Jacket, Comme des Garçons. Tank top: stylist’s own.

Most of us are content to pursue a hobby or two, but Han undertakes more activities now than when she held a job. “I cannot keep still; I am just trying to slow down… a bit!” she says, chortling. Her physical outlets are yoga, spins and brisk walks.

She is also working on a coffee-table book, Precious Moments, to be published next year. “It will be pictorial – a collection of memorable moments through my life. Some will be specially photographed, others taken from my collection of photos. The book will be of a limited print run and not sold. I want to gift them to friends and family.”

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Pursuit of happiness

“I am the classic extroverted introvert. I’ve been to a lot of places, experienced and done a lot in the past. I enjoy being sociable, but I’m actually very private. I need ‘me’ time. I like to withdraw into my own space – I read, I paint; it’s very therapeutic. I’m very motivated when I’m trying to pick up something new. The things I do well, I try to do better. The things I don’t excel in, I go for classes and read to improve myself in that aspect. I find joy in learning, I find freedom in my learning journey.”

High jewellery earrings in white gold with emeralds, onyx and diamonds, high jewellery ring in white gold with chalcedony, onyx, sapphires and diamonds, and high jewellery bracelet in white gold with garnets, onyx and diamonds, all Cartier. Bustier from Dior. Bodysuit from Eres.

This sharp dresser is also a VVIP of many fashion and jewellery brands, and often jets off to attend galas in faraway lands. Han has always enjoyed life – be it travelling or eating well. “I love well-made and beautiful things. Craftsmanship is something I strongly value. But I’ve come to a phase in my life where, especially in the past two years, I practise a lot more mindfulness in terms of what I try to achieve and where I’m headed in my next journey. Now, I’m just appreciating this low-key stage of my life. I’m trying to find my inner harmony and enjoy my own space.”

“As I grow older, I discover my emotional frailty and I want to do away with my pride, and to trust and seek God for wisdom. Problems due to relationships and external circumstances aren’t within our control; the only behaviour we can control is our own.”

Fashion Direction: Johnny Khoo
Art Direction: Audrey Chan
Photography: Wee Khim
Fashion Styling: Jacquie Ang
Hair: GregO using Keune
Make-Up: Dily Wang using Chanel
Photography Assistance: Alwin Oh  
Fashion Assistance: Lee Pui Yee

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